Saturday, April 11, 2009

Part 11 I Wanna Love You/I'm So Loney Bobby Jameson 1964


  1. I loved this song and remember it well. I was 13, and laying on a blanket in the front yard and listening to my 2 transistor radio to KHJ Radio station when I heard this song. It was a good song and true to the era in music.
    I'm enjoying reading all your blog posts. I retired in Mesa, AZ. I'm not happy about that, but I am now stuck here.

  2. I was 14 when I heard the song in Cleveland, on CKLW. DJ Terry Knight played it about every hour on the hour. I loved the song. To me it captured the feelings a lot of teens feel at that age, and you nailed it. I wish you would blog about how you came to write the song. I'm sorry you went through so much hell and were manipulated by your "agent," but nothing and no one can take that hit you had from you. Of that you can be proud.